Bits and Pieces, In-Between

I had toyed with calling this blog Liminal Bricolage. These two words popped up in to my head when I was thinking about what I’ve been up to. I wasn’t entirely sure what they meant but I liked them and thought it sounded like the kind of title that I might click on should I be feeling intellectually aspirational. Which as it happens is quite a lot. Although sadly I lack intellectual it remains aspirational. But it also felt hopelessly pretentious….even for me! However I did enjoy thinking about the words, especially liminal. I like the idea of an in between. Which is kind of where I am at. Personally – my kids are at an age where they don’t really need me but I need to be around just in case; professionally, I’m not working on anything “big”. But that’s ok. The long and the short of it has been a good few months of quite intense but disparate elements.

In this latter part of the year I made a short for House for an Art Lover, ably assisted by Samuel Araya, one of the participants in Make Strange and a gifted cameraman in his own right. He has recently secured Refugee status and is looking to build on his existing experience shooting video in Eritrea, so do contact me if you want to actually practice diversity and inclusivity rather than…..anyway It was good working with someone else and meant that in the couple of days we had to shoot I could do some nice tracking shots. It was great working with HAL, its the kind of place that is a great day out for a family as well as doing really interesting work as a living, breathing research project.

Alongside this I have been editing and shooting a series of four films for Renfrewshire Council and Strathclyde University on their new approach to literacy in schools. This collaboration between myself, Richard Weeks at the council and Jess Anderson of the University is aimed to be an introduction to putting reading back at the heart of education. The videos are being launched before Christmas 2016.  I’ve also been helping Richard with a number of other corporates and shorts, mainly focussed around Archive material in the authority.

As a Film Education Practitioner I’ve been in schools teaching teachers….a daunting situation, alleviated by the great resources of Scottish Film Education. After maybe a year of attending training courses in Edinburgh I have been let loose in the classroom and have delivered my first couple of presentations on Sound and Image as well as Storyboarding.

In amongst all this I am still keeping a hand in participative work with regular animation workshops  at Paisley Museum and summer schools in shooting and processing 16mm with Lochwinnoch’s Yep, which also included a week in Create Paisley.

On a final, jolly note….I was asked at very short notice to make a video to help with a wedding proposal…

I’m relieved to say it worked!


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