A Bit of Background

If your paid to do creative stuff and it’s pretty varied then it can a bit tricky giving a concise and intelligible answer to the question, “what is that you do?”. However having checked the paper work I can say with some certainty that, I’m an artist, BAFTA nominated filmmaker and a graduate of the universities of Bristol and Glasgow. I have made films for the BBC, ITV and Canal Plus in France, amongst others. Recently (January 2013) a clip from a programme that I made turned up in a half hour celebration of arts tv in Scotland alongside work by some pretty heady names covering the whole history of broadcasting here!

I like a challenge…from a group of recalcitrant teenagers in an animation workshop, to how to tell the story of someone’s life in 26 minutes and 30 seconds, to how can I recreate Edwardian Era Scotland on a budget that wouldn’t cover your average film’s catering budget (for one day).

Oh and I’m a bit techy so, when I’m not helping other people make films, I mainly shoot and edit myself.


7 thoughts on “A Bit of Background

  1. Jim Gallacher

    Hello Kevin

    I met you last week at the GFT screening of your movie on Alasdair Gray which I loved. I got the chance to speak to your producer John [surname?] and he also introduced me to Ed McConnell the guy who shot the 1960s art school scenes. Anyway I should have mentioned that I have been looking for any contacts re Ken Offord who was a film maker with the National Engineering Labs at East Kilbride. He filmed a short creative movie about portrait painting which featured my dad William Gallacher called ‘Colour My Mind’ which I am trying to track down. Tried the SSA already and they don’t have any info. All I have to go on is the newspaper article about it and the photographer’s still. If you could mention it to John and pass on my query to any film people that would be much appreciated. I am compiling a book on William’s work. Thanks, Jim.



    1. Frank Cornfield

      Hi Jim, I worked in the same department at Ken at the NEL for three years 76 to 79. I shot stills and occasionally assisted Ken. The last I heard of Ken was about 10 years ago when he was working for the Strathclyde Fire & Rescue in Hamilton.

      Just noticed your post was a couple of years ago.


  2. Kevin Cameron Post author

    Hi Jim, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes that’s John Archer who you spoke to, and probably more likely to know something about Ken Offord. You can get John at the Hopscotch Office. Sounds like a frustrating search….there’s a lot of stuff that is probably in people’s attics that should be in the Scottish Film Archive. Glad you liked the film and if I find out anything about Ken I will give you a shot. Best, Kevin.


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